Raise funds.
Renovate or build facilities.
Become more green.

Raise funds

Longview has raised millions of dollars for Ontario charities in the health, education, housing and environmental sectors.

Renovate or build facilities

Longview currently has over a hundred million dollars worth of projects in development or construction.

Become Eco-friendly

Longview will reduce your carbon footprint and reduce your utility bills.

Longview Services Inc. is a property and project management company dedicated to assisting charities, and not-for-profit organizations rebuild, renovate or expand facilities in a sustainable and eco-responsible way.

We help with all property improvements – from building condition assessments to grant proposal writing to managing construction as it takes place. With the new carbon tax in place, now is the time to think green when planning for renovations.

Enjoy our two minute video about Longview:

We may be the answer to your needs.

Are you an Executive Director or on the Board of an Ontario charity who want to expand or renovate your existing facilities? Do you want to build affordable housing?

  • We help you identify what facility improvements are needed.

  • We write grants for you to submit.

  • We manage the design and construction process, for your benefit.

Our clients include churches, senior residences and housing charities.
There has never been a better time to build affordable housing and Longview can guide you through the whole process, procuring millions in grants along the way.
Help us help you help others.


We are Passive house Certified. We are all about building green.

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Affordable Housing

Canada is committed to building affordable housing and there are millions of dollars in grants and low-interest loans available to assist not-for-profits.  Longview will manage the entire process for your organization and you will end up providing people with a quality home, income for your organization and in ten to twenty years a building that can generate even more income.

Longview is currently working on seven affordable housing projects – both new builds and retrofits.  Our Passive House credentials and our long history of writing grants makes us uniquely qualified to work with both the CMHC and the FCM to create extremely “green” affordable housing buildings.  The new buildings will be designed to net-zero standards and the government will basically pay Longview to do this for you!

Interested in building or renovating affordable housing?

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Let us help you build and renovate buildings that match your organizational plans.
Longview can take care of all of your capital fund development and property needs!